New Mexico Angler Catches Tagged Fish From Valdez Silver Derby

The following is courtesy of Valdez Fish Derbies:

Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Kevin Kaiser shows off his 6.60-pound tagged silver salmon. (VALDEZ FISH DERBIES)

VALDEZ, Alaska – Kevin Kaiser of Albuquerque, New Mexico reeled in a 6.60-pound silver salmon in Valdez last Wednesday. His fish was not big enough to get on the leader board in the Valdez Silver Salmon Derby but his fish did have a small green tag on it that read “Valdez Fish Derbies”. Kaiser brought his fish to the derby weigh-in station knowing that one of the tagged fish was worth $10,000. Unfortunately, for Kaiser, his tagged fish did not have the big money tag, but he did take home a nice Valdez Fish Derbies jacket. There are now 19 tagged fish out in the waters of Prince William Sound and one of them is worth $10,000 cash. In order to qualify to win any of the tagged fish prizes, anglers need to have a daily or season Silver Salmon Derby ticket. Tickets are available at charters and stores around Valdez. CLICK HERE for ticket locations.  

Anglers are catching silvers at Allison Point in increasing numbers, while boaters are having success trolling out near Applegate, Crafton (near Main Bay, Glacier (Valdez Arm) and Perry Islands. In the final two weeks of the derby, anglers should see a lot of silver salmon in Port Valdez but only time will tell if those fish are big enough to win $10,000 in the Valdez Silver Salmon Derby. There are daily 1st and 2nd place prizes in the Valdez Silver Salmon derby and the daily winners have been in the 10-to-12-pound range the last few weeks. The largest silver salmon caught so far in the Silver Salmon Derby was caught by LaVonne Baysinger back on August 4th. Baysinger reeled in a 14.54-pound silver salmon aboard her private boat “Fixed Income”. Greg Robers of Parkland County, Alberta, Canada is currently in 2nd place overall with a 12.28-pound silver salmon he caught August 17th and James Little of Newdale, Idaho is currently in 3rd place with a 12.12-pound salmon he caught August 16th

Fairbanks’ LaVonne Baysinger continues to lead the Silver Salmon Derby after catching a 14.54-pound coho on Aug. 4. (VALDEZ FISH DERBIES)

Numerous king salmon were caught during the Valdez Women’s Silver Salmon Derby August 12th.  Anglers trolling at 40 to 60 feet are catching good numbers of Coho and King salmon at near 17-mile beach and the Valdez Narrows. To target king salmon, Alaska Department of Fish and Game recommends trolling with a large flasher and small to medium-sized herring. 

Jim Jack of Lacey, Washington, remains the Valdez Halibut Derby leader with a 252-pounder caught on July 28.

In the Valdez Halibut Derby, Jim Jack of Lacey Washington is still in the lead with a 252-pound halibut he caught July 28th. Troy Dolge of Copper Center, Alaska is currently in 2nd place overall with a 203-pound halibut he caught June 4th and Maren Russman of Erhard, Minnesota is holding onto 3rd place with a 195.4-pound halibut she caught July 26th.

The 1st place prize in both the Valdez Silver Salmon and Halibut Derby is $10,000 cash. The 2nd place prize in both derbies is $3,000 and 3rd place is $1,500. The final day of both derbies is Sunday, Sept 3rd at noon and winners will be announced that evening. 

Valdez Silver Salmon Derby Overall Leaders

1st           LaVonne Baysinger          Fairbanks, AK                                     14.54 lbs.            Aug 4                     Fixed Income

2nd          Greg Roberts                      Parkland County, AB                        12.28 lbs.            Aug 17                  Relic

3rd           James Little                         Newdale, ID                                        12.12 lbs.            Aug 16                  Patriot

Halibut Derby – Overall Leaders

1st           Jim Jack                                Lacey, WA                                            252.0 lbs.            July 28                  Sentinel
Troy Dolge                           Copper Center, AK                            203.0 lbs.            June 4                   Reflection
3rd           Maren Russman               Erhard, MN                                         195.4 lbs.            July 26                  Chugach Girl