Meat From Roadkill Moose Goes To Good Cause

That’s a wonderful way to turn a tragic accident into a good cause, as the meat from the moose accidentially fatally run over will be used by the Haines School District. 

Here’s KTUU’s Sidney Sullivan with more:

“We don’t know what vehicle hit the moose, because it was already gone from the scene,” said Principal Rene Martin. She then explained that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game were forced to euthanize the animal.

However, the moose’s misfortune created a learning opportunity for the students, when the approximate 300 pound carcass was donated to the school lunch program.

Around 8 p.m. Tuesday, ADF&G contacted HBSD’s food service coordinator, Brandie Stickler, in order to let her know it was the school district’s turn on the local roadkill sign up list.

From there, Stickler and her husband – both longtime community members and hunters – immediately gutted, skinned and quartered the moose that evening, said Martin. In addition, the couple bagged and hung the carcass in a cool environment, before it was brought into school, on Wednesday. According to Martin, Stickler still needed help processing all the moose meat.

Well done, all!