Measure 1’s Salmon Protection Platform Didn’t Resonate With Alaska Voters

ADFG photo 

Alaska might be famous for its wild salmon, but one of the hotly contested Election Day decisions that would, in theory, help protect the state’s salmon runs, didn’t sway the state’s voters enough to pass it.

Measure 1 was beaten rather soundly in a race that saw its “Stand For Salmon” contingent being outspended by a wide margin by a mostly oil  and mining company-backed “Stand For Alaska” group.  Here’s the Anchorage Daily News with more:

A ballot measure designed to boost protections for salmon and other fish failed by a large margin Tuesday night amid an onslaught of heavy opposition spending by powerful oil and mining interests.

With 98 percent of precincts reporting by 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, Ballot Measure 1 received 145,997 votes against, and 83,479 votes in favor, a 64-to-36 margin.

Both Stand For Alaska and Stand for Salmon issued statements early Wednesday morning, via KTUU TV:

“Today, tens of thousands of Alaskans raised their voices to protect wild salmon and the rivers they call home,” wrote Stand for Salmon spokesperson Emily Tallman. “While Ballot Measure 1 did not garner enough votes to pass, Alaskans across political and geographic boundaries united in support of stronger salmon habitat protections through the ballot initiative.”

“Our diverse, statewide coalition was a major factor in the outcome of this campaign,” wrote Stand for Alaska spokesperson Kati Cappozi. “Never before has such a broad coalition organized around a statewide ballot measure. More than 550 Alaska businesses across the state, Alaska Native corporations, labor unions, trade groups, and tens of thousands of Alaskans were part of the Stand for Alaska effort.”

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