Lost Hunter Subsisted On Berries, Bird

Photo by Kristine Sowl, USFWS
Photo by Kristine Sowl, USFWS



Hunters and anglers get lost in Alaska all the time, sometimes with tragic results. But a reported happy ending  for 49-year-old Charlie Hull.

From KTUU:

“Every time [people] come back from moose camp there’s always a different story and that’s what I said before I left. I want my own story,” said Hull. “I wasn’t expecting this.”

The trouble began last Saturday, Hull said, when he told his fellow hunters he was going for a short walk to look for moose around 7 a.m. He quickly became surrounded by fog, he said, and couldn’t see more than 15 feet. 

He was wearing sweatpants beneath neon green rain pants, two layers of shirts, a sweatshirt, a beanie and rain boots at the time. The only other items he had were two guns and a Bowie knife. …

He slept in the cold without a sleeping bag and lived on fresh river water and berries. On Tuesday, the third day of the ordeal, he used a rifle to shoot a spruce hen, he said. 

“Believe it or not but grouse ain’t bad, raw grouse is not bad,” said Hull.

Here are the Alaska State Troopers dispatches on the case: