Knock, Knock? Who’s There? This Dastardly Alaska Moose Prankster

As a kid I admittedly will plead guilty to a few sporadic cases of “doorbell ditch.” 

(You know, ring some poor sap’s front doorbell – or knock it on – then run away for your own twisted ha-ha reaction when Old What’s His Name who lives down the street angrily puts down the newspaper expecting to see the kid collecting for the newspaper subscription – of course, I had that same job as a teenager – only to find the front porch empty – all thanks to those meddling kids.)

OK, so I was a creepy kid. I’m sorry! So shame on you, Alaska moose, for pulling the same prank on an unsuspecting Anchorage couple (see video above). Here’s KTVA’s Cassie Schirm  with more on this (not so) little rascal, which understandably provided a bit of a fright given that Alaskans are still recovering from last week’s powerful earthquake, though in typical Last Frontier-tough fashion they’re bouncing back quickly:

After checking on their dogs and looking out the door to find nothing, Stultz assumed some neighborhood kids were playing a prank.

“We were thinking kids coming through playing ding dong ditch or maybe a neighbor coming through. We had no idea,” Stultz said.

So they checked their security system and were surprised to see a moose caboose.

“We had this nice moose behind waiting for us right here,” Stultz said. “And he decided to back up right into it and that’s how he got our doorbell.”


There’s got to be a good Knock/Knock joke to come from this.