Jane Kilcher helps Baby Cow Delivery

Under The Knife : After years of procrastination, Otto goes under the knife. While Charlotte waits, Jane is left to take care of the farm and delivers her first calf alone. Eivin and Atz Lee scout the Head of the Bay, but their findings won’t ease Otto’s concerns.

While we don’t see whether or not the little cow survives this experience, we remain optimistic about the precious bundle of cow soon to come to the Kilcher homestead. Will the calf survive? I suppose the only way to know is to watch Alaska: The Last Frontier and find out.

We’re rooting for the cows on this one. The miracle of life is always a fascinating study!

Video Transcription

Narrator: On the Kilcher homestead, Night descends. But Jane’s arduous day in charge of the family’s livestock still has one critical chore remaining.

Jane: I am watching 7-11, it’s a first-time mom, we’re always concerned with first-time moms because they tend to go wrong more than like an experienced mother. So it makes me nervous. I just don’t want anything to happen on my watch.

Jane: So, last check of the night. Oh boy. Oh goodness. Oh. Oh. Oh my gosh. She’s– oh. Oh. She’s in labor. [gasp] There’s a whole hoof. Oh my goodness. Oh. Oh my god. She’s giving birth right now. Please please please come out healthy. Oh there’s another hoof. Oh, oh my god here it comes. Oh my god. I’m super nervous because I don’t want a calf to die on my watch. Come on, girl. Oh my god that is the tongue! Two hooves and hopefully a tongue. Oh.

Jane: I’m really worried. She’s definitely laboring, like, super hard contractions, and I don’t like that. Otto and Charlotte gave me like, zero instructions on how to deliver a calf, except for that maybe you have to pull them out.

Jane: Oh I can see her mouth! Oh please, is she okay?? Oh my god. Her tongue’s not moving! Your tongue’s not moving at all, I don’t see any life. I don’t see life, I don’t like this. Please, please live. I’m just gently pulling! [grunting] Oh my goodness!

[Cow moos]

Narrator: All New Alaska: The Last Frontier, Sunday at nine, on Discovery.