Into The Wild Bus Hikers Found Safe


Into the Wild is one of my favorite movies, even taking out the reality that I edit this Alaska-centric magazine. The story of Christopher McCandless is inspiring, heartbreaking, funny and tragic, all wrapped up into just under 2 1/2 hours of drama.

McCandless has no doubt inspired a new generation of adventure seekers, though sometimes with tragic results.

Fortunately, another potential tragedy was avoided when two hikers enroute to the bus were found safe after not returning from a hike to the iconic former Fairbanks city bus.

From the New York Daily News:

Two hikers were rescued in the Alaska wilderness on Sunday after they failed to return from an abandoned bus made famous by the book and movie “Into the Wild.”

Michael Trigg of South Carolina and Theodore Aslund of Atlanta were found uninjured and in good condition, according to KTUU.

The two hikers had made it to the bus but tried taking a shortcut in Denali National Park on their way back and almost were swept downstream, according to the station.

They had told friends in a Facebook post before their trip to alert authorities if they had not returned by Friday. They also left a note on the bus, which authorities found, according to KTUU.

Everyone wants to chase the wilderness as McCandless did, and posing for a selfie in the same chair and recreating one of the money moments in the film. But be careful!