Incredible Footage Of Tumbling Skier

The video above shows skier Angel Collinson, who was skiing down a steep mountain in Alaska’s Neacola Range when she took a nasty tumble. Somehow, she was OK.

From the Daily Mail:


Her desperate breaths can be heard over the clip as she careered head over heels down the slope.

When she finally comes to a halt, she says in a quivering voice: ‘I’m OK. I’m OK.’  …

Recalling the frightening ordeal, she said: ‘The fall was absolutely terrifying – without question. You have no idea what you are going to tumble over and there is basically nothing you can do but hang on.

‘This was definitely a learning experience for me. Maybe 99 times out of 100, you can ski through that terrain, but when it does go wrong, it’s more high-consequence.’ 

Frightening stuff. Glad she is safe after such a harrowing fall.