Idaho Hunter Suffers Broken Leg While Chasing Kodiak Bears

A scary accident left an Idaho hunter looking for Kodiak brown bears with a broken leg and some perspective. Here’s more from the Idaho State Journal:

Midway through the fifth day, the group found a brown bear big enough to harvest but couldn’t get close enough for a shot before dark so they headed back to base camp and made plans to head out early the next morning, Sayer said.

“We got up early and hiked around eight miles before we spotted him again perched above these cliffs that were about 800 feet above the ocean,” Sayer said. “We had to wait about nine hours before he got up and moved into a better position. I was able to get a really great first shot off before he disappeared over the ridgeline.”

Sayer was rushing to get ready to let off a second shot when disaster struck.

“I gathered up all my stuff and took off running to get a second shot when I tripped, fell off this ledge right next to the 800-foot drop and snapped my femur,” Sayer said. “I immediately knew something was wrong because I couldn’t stand up, so we tied belts around my leg and I slid to the bottom of the hill before the guides picked me up and carried me over to the bear.”