Ice Anglers: Be Sure To Register Ice Houses For Upper Copper/Upper Susitna Drainages

The following is courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

Anglers Must Register Ice Fishing Houses in Upper Copper/Upper Susitna Drainages

(Glennallen) – The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), Division of Sport Fish is reminding anglers that any ice house in the Upper Copper or Upper Susitna drainages that is not removed daily from the ice (i.e. left overnight) from October 1 through April 30 must be registered with the department.

Ice anglers can register their ice houses by phone (907-822-3309) or in person at the ADF&G Glennallen office. Anglers do not need to register portable ice fishing houses/tents that are removed from the ice at the end of the day.

Registered Ice houses must have the permit number displayed on the side and roof. Numbers must be plainly visible and be at least 12 inches high and 1 inch wide in a color that contrasts with the background. A signed copy of the ice house permit must be kept in the ice house anytime the ice house is being used.

The permittee is required to remove the ice house from the ice no later than April 30.

Please note that ice should be at least 4 inches thick to support the weight of a person, 6 inches thick to support a snowmachine, 8-12 inches thick to support cars and small trucks, and 12-15 inches thick to support larger pickup trucks. However, no ice is 100 percent safe, and ice anglers are advised to avoid off-colored snow or ice.

For additional information, contact Mark SomervilleTracy Hansen, or Taylor Box at the Glennallen office at (907) 822-3309