Hunting Lodge Spared In The Path Of Wildfire

Rainy Pass Lodge, which was established in 1937 and is considered the state’s oldest hunting lodge, was evacuated and saved by fire officials despite a wildfire that broke out nearby. Here’s more from KTUU:

The fire spread rapidly, threatening the lodge, its runway, and the tank of fuel at the end. fortunately, the Alaska Division of Forestry was quick to respond.

“It’s just amazing to me how quickly they realized this is potentially a life-or-death situation, and were on top of it,” Perrins says.

Perrins and his family were quickly evacuated in a Blackhawk helicopter, and the DoF sent in a small squad of firefighters to protect the structures.

“What they were able to do is get about half a dozen firefighters in there late last night to work to keep the fire from spreading and threatening the lodge,” says Division of Forestry Public Information Officer Sarah Saarloos.