Hunters Have Anxious Moments Before Stopping Charging Wounded Bear On Alaska Hunt


. Consider these Idaho hunters who had to take down a charging bear they were hunting (and had hit) along the Alaska Peninsula, though a jammed gun put hunter Trevor Schneider, who documented the story on his Facebook page, and his sister.

And here’s more from the Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington:

They made it to the rocks on the ridge line, but the bear continued to move forward. When it was about 150 yards away, the animal got β€œa hit of adrenaline like it almost took drugs.”

β€œAt that point it really started moving,” Schneider said.

They ducked behind one of the boulders and Schneider pulled out his revolver, which held five .454 Casull rounds. He had five more rounds on his hip. Schneider, trying to stay crouched behind the rock, waited until the bear got closer.

It’s quite a harrowing story.