Howard Leight By Honeywell Offers Hearing Protection For Shooters

The following press release is courtesy of Howard Leight by Honeywell

New Impact Sport BOLT digital electronic earmuff from Howard Leight by Honeywell delivers 5X sound amplification, 22dB noise reduction rating, and a lightning-fast .5-millisecond attack time

WESTWOOD, Mass. (June 26, 2018) — Whether target shooting, hunting or attending a race, concert or other live event, the intoxicating sounds that accompany—or even define—the experience can have harmful effects on our hearing. Finding a way to block out dangerous noise levels makes wonderful sense from a health perspective, but common solutions deliver imperfect results, often making it difficult or even impossible to hear low-frequency sounds or carry on a conversation with others. Trade and industrial professionals working in loud environments face similar challenges. And since they often spend long hours there, comfort is a must.

In-ear foam plugs can provide economical and effective protection, but aren’t always ideal for long-term wear. They must also be inserted properly in order to work, which is something many folks don’t do. The optimal choice may often be an over-the-ear headphone-style digital earmuff capable of amplifying low sounds while reducing the volume of very loud sounds. Unfortunately, all such products are not created equal.

Howard Leight by Honeywell believes that hearing protection can be more than just a safety measure; it can be comfortable and highly practical, while elevating the sensory experiences of the wearer.

Building on over 30 years of continuous technological innovation, Howard Leight introduces the new Impact Sport BOLT digital electronic earmuff, combining 5X sound amplification, 22dB noise reduction rating, and a lightning-fast .5-millisecond attack time with a slim and comfortable ergonomic design and easy one-knob control.

All-new digital compression circuitry delivers Impact Sport BOLT’s remarkable audio performance. Ambient and low frequency sounds are safely amplified up to five times to a peak of 82dB, making it easy for the wearer to hear range commands and conduct conversation, even in noisy environments. Amplification automatically shuts off at 82dB, attenuating hazardous impulse noises like gunfire or loud noises from car engines, machinery or music. Impact Sport BOLT actively listens, reacting to these dangerous noises and reducing them to safe levels with a lightning-fast .5-millisecond attack time, resulting in a very natural sound quality for the wearer.

Durable, recessed microphones—one on each side—reduce wind noise while providing true stereo sound that allows the wearer to more easily identify a sound’s direction of origin. This feature makes Impact Sport BOLT a great option for hunters who want to increase their ability to hear and locate approaching game. Impact Sport BOLT is also equipped with an external 3.5mm AUX jack and included cord with an inline microphone for connection to a phone, computer, MP3 player or scanner.

BOLT’s performance and ergonomic design make it a very versatile earmuff for most shooting environments, including rifle, shotgun, handgun and tactical applications. Impact Sport BOLT features a sleek, extremely low profile earcup design with carefully engineered cutouts that allow shooters to shoulder a rifle or shotgun while maintaining full clearance from the firearm stock. Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear, BOLT incorporates a padded headband with vertical height adjustments for a secure, non-slip fit. When not in use, the headband and earcups fold for easy, compact storage.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport BOLT Digital Electronic Earmuff

Technology and Performance

  • Up to 5X Sound Amplification
  • Ambient sounds safely amplified to a maximum of 82dB
  • 22 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)
  • Compresses continuous or impulse noises 82dB or higher to safe levels
  • Lightning-fast .5-millisecond attack time


  • Durable, recessed microphones reduce wind noise and provide directional sound
  • Extremely low-profile earcup design with cutout allows for full clearance of firearm stock
  • Deluxe, padded, back leatherette headband and earcup cushions for comfort
  • Headband adjusts for a secure, non-slip fit and folds for easy storage
  • Compact, folding earcup design for convenient storage
  • Single-knob control for on/off and volume
  • External AUX jack a for connection to MP3 player or scanner
  • 4-hour auto shut-off for prolonged battery life
  • Easy access to external battery compartment

In the Box

  • Powered by two included AAA batteries
  • Includes AUX cord with inline microphone
  • Includes extra earcup cushions
  • Available in Black (R-02525), Gray (R-02232) and Orange (R-02231)
  • MSRP: $125.00

Whatever your passion, protect yourself against hazardous noise without being left in silence. The new Impact Sport BOLT digital electronic earmuff from Howard Leight provides smart, fast and comfortable hearing protection that fully delivers on safety, while providing a heightened experience for its wearer.