How Alaska Will Handle Combat Fishing Concerns

As salmon runs approach and dip net fisheries attract many anglers to river shorelines, the state’s iconic combat fishing areas become more of a health issue in the era of coronavirus.

Here’s KTVA TV with more:

Lipka said Fish and Game is receiving calls from residents concerned about safety and potential restrictions in the state’s most popular fisheries. He said in an email the department is recommending “anglers follow all current health mandates that have been issued by the state and plan their trips accordingly.”

“Anglers should always be courteous and provide appropriate space between each other for safety and to not interfere with other anglers lines while on the river,” Lipka wrote. “The places that are likely to require more vigilance on behalf of the public will be parking lots, public restrooms, fee stations, and any stores that folks may stop at on their way to the fishing location.”