House Bill 77 Thrown Out

Eli Huffman of Jake’s Nushagak Salmon Camp sent us this:




We have some big news to share today:

Yesterday, after months of dedicated phone calls, emails, testimony and frustration, HB77 died in committee. This bill threatened the water rights of individual Alaskans and would have removed the voice of the Alaskan public from important natural resource decisions. Because of the overwhelming response and testimony from you, HB77 will not make it to the floor for a vote.


Thank you for your help in stopping HB77!


The overwhelming public response to this legislation demonstrates Alaskans’ unwavering passion for our salmon, wildlife and natural resources. We will continue to stay involved and in contact with our representatives in Juneau. We predict similar legislation may be introduced again next year, but as we’ve so clearly demonstrated, we have the power to speak up and fight to protect our renewable resources. We will continue our work to ensure the protection of Alaska’s hunting and fishing resources. Please check our website for updates on this important news.