Herring Bay Area’s King Limits Increased To Three Fish

The following is courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

Hatchery King Salmon Limits Increased in Herring Bay Area

(Ketchikan) – The Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Sport Fish announced today that the bag and possession limit for all anglers in the terminal waters of Herring Bay, from June 1 through July 31, 2024, is increased to three king salmon of any size. King salmon harvested in the terminal harvest area will not count toward the nonresident annual limit. The terminal harvest area is defined as follows:

Herring Bay Area: The waters of Herring Bay west of a line from the southernmost entrance of Hole-In-The-Wall harbor at 55° 19.13’ N. lat., 131° 31. 23’ W. long. to ADF&G markers located ½ mile north of Whitman Creek (signed and painted rocks) at 55° 20.13’ N. lat., 131° 30.12’ W. long., to the fresh/salt water boundary signs located at the mouth of Herring Cove Creek (see attached map).

King salmon returning to the Whitman Lake Hatchery are projected to return in numbers that will exceed broodstock needs. This action is being taken to increase sport fishing opportunity for these Alaska hatchery-produced king salmon within the terminal area.

When special regulations for this hatchery areas expire on July 31, anglers may continue to fish under the regional king salmon bag, possession, and annual limits. Anglers are reminded that bag, possession, and size limits for the salt waters outside of the designated terminal areas are more restrictive than the limits inside the Herring Bay terminal area and anglers are prohibited from possessing fish that exceed the limits for the waters where they are fishing. Therefore, anglers fishing in multiple areas must be diligent to ensure they do not exceed the bag, possession, or size limit for the area they are currently fishing.

For further information concerning this announcement please contact Ketchikan Assistant Area Management Biologist, Jake Calvitti at (907) 225-2859.

Hatchery King Salmon Limits Increased in Herring Bay Area