Final Set Up For Fat Bear Week’s Biggest And Baddest Bruins

It’s on! 2020 champion 747 takes on impressive challenger 901 in the final matchup to decide Katmai National Park and Preserve’s Fat Bear Week crown of the most plump and perfect bruin. Here’s more from Fat Bear Week on the matchup:

  • Clash of the Titans! It’s the one-time, nearly one-ton veteran victor 747 vs no-name to big-gains 901, the bear outta-nowhere. Will you choose 747, the lard-layered Leviathan with a powerful presence and the battle scars to prove it? Or back the bunyanesque behemoth bear 901, with the bring-it-on bear-itude and thicc tree trunk thighs? Vote at by 5pm AKDT in this #FatBearWeek salmon-seizing success story.

  • How to Participate: Select your choice by clicking or tapping on the photos of the bear. Then enter your email where prompted. Select “are you a robot” then submit. You know that you have successfully voted if you see the total votes for each bear.