Final 2020 Showing Of The Wild Today

The following is courtesy of Mark Titus, director of the films The Breach and The Wild:

Let’s gather one more time to send 2020 out the door and celebrate the incredible victory For Bristol Bay we just witnessed last week with Pebble’s permit denial. What a Thanksgiving! We’ll be screening The Wild and short film, White Whale Gold Mine at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern TODAY!!

We have a truly special panel today featuring Steve Ellington, filmmaker for EIA, the Environmental Investigation Agency and our 10-minute short film today, White Whale Gold Mine. EIA are the folks who brought you The Pebble Tapes, which brought Pebble CEO, Tom Collier down. Steve will be joined by 5th generation Indigenous Bristol Bay fisherman and Salmon State activist, Melanie Brown; Director of Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay, Katherine Carscallen; TU Alaska Organizer, Meghan Barker and me.
A minimum of 25% of proceeds from today’s screening will be donated to the coalition mounting an immediate campaign to create permanent protection for Bristol Bay.
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Tune in to my interview with Benjamin Dixon and The Young Turks at 230pm Pacific / 530pm Eastern before the screening of The Wild and White Whale Gold Mine. 
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