Federal Charges For Alaskans’ Alleged Illegal Transport Of Crabs Out Of State

Alaska Public Media via Coast Alaska has details on federal charges for three Alaska fishermen alleged to have illegally transported crabs from Alaska to the Lower 48:

The federal indictment says Corey Potter owns the two fishing vessels involved, which were run by his son, Kyle, and Welch. One of the boats is the 97-foot Arctic Dawn, which has been docked in Petersburg this spring but is registered to a Kodiak residence.

The two captains participated in the Southeast Tanner and golden king crab fisheries in February and March, harvesting over 7,000 pounds. Corey Potter allegedly directed the two captains to transport the crab to Seattle to fetch a higher price.

By the time they arrived, according to the charges, a lot of the king crab was already dead and about 4,000 pounds of Tanner had to be thrown out because of bitter crab syndrome. Bitter crab is a common parasite and is sorted out at Alaska ports when fishermen sell their catch. It causes the crab to taste bad but isn’t harmful.

Here’s a link to the federal indictment