Family Desperately Continuing Search For Missing Tennessee Hunter In Alaska

The search for missing Tennessee hunter Steve Keel, who left his hunting partner to check on their stored meat but never returned, continues about a month into his disappearance near Deadhorse off the Dalton Highway on the Northern Slope. Here’s more from News Channel 5 in Nashville:

Liz Keel photo of Steve Keel

“They described it as lots of wet or damp moss that would sink, and it has water underneath it. And then between all of that there’s, like, tufts of grass that are very difficult — you can’t walk on those because you’ll twist your ankle,” said Liz.

And with worsening weather, she hopes to ramp up search efforts soon. She wants dogs to scour the area, and ponds to be checked.

“We’re going to go forward; we’re going to keep going until we get our answers, until we get Steve home,” Liz said.

There’s now a Facebook group with thousands of followers working to solve the mystery.