Fairbanks Man Shot Three Caribou, Didn’t Salvage Meat, Exceeded Bag Limit As Well

The Fairbanks News-Miner has some details, and here’s the Alaska State Troopers dispatch on the man’s infractions of not only taking one caribou above the bag limit, but not salvaging the animals’ meat:

AK Wildlife Troopers

  • Date: 8/19/2022 5:21:55 PMAK22029685
  • Location: Fairbanks
  • Type: Failure to Salvage 
  • Dispatch Text:On 03/28/2022 AWT Fairbanks conducted a patrol of the RC867 hunt at Eagle Summit. While on patrol, AWT was informed of a hunter harvesting three caribou when the limit was two caribou. Further investigation revealed Christian Mendez-Vazquez, age 28 of Fairbanks, killed two caribou and wounded another. Mendez-Vazquez failed to salvage any edible meat of the caribou and left them to waste. Mendez-Vazquez was cited for two counts of wanton waste of a big game animal, caribou seasons and bag limits, and two counts of failure to validate his registration permit. On 07/14/2022, Mendez-Vazquez plead guilty to one count of failure to salvage all edible meat.