Experience Napier’s New Sportz Truck Tent Series For Outdoor Adventure

The following is courtesy of Napier Outdoors:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Niagara Falls, NY (2020) – Create the ultimate camping oasis wherever your truck takes you. No more searching for a clean, dry, or level campsite; the Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series assembles in the back of your open-bed pickup truck, creating a comfortable and restful sleeping area for two adults. Featuring more than 5.7′ of headroom and a full sewn-in floor to keep you warmer and drier. Calling all anglers, off-roaders, festival-goers, hardcore tailgaters, and everyone in between! Sleep comfortably and dry off the ground and under the stars – perfect for all of your get-up- and-go adventures! 

The durable tent comes with a full rainfly to keep you dry through the stormy weather, two side vents and two large windows to encourage optimal ventilation. The tent’s rear access panel allows for easy accessibility to the truck’s cab for added convenience and storage. The 4′ x 4′ awning provides ample shade and securely fastens to the tailgate, offering extra space for relaxation! 

The Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series easily packs into an expandable and lightweight carrying bag, ready to travel wherever your truck may take you! Napier Truck Tents are perfect for fishing, hunting, tailgating, off-roading and family camping trips. Join the millions of explorers who have already discovered how Sportz Truck Tents offer campers convenience and flexibility for all of their outdoor adventures.

NAPIER OUTDOORS Napier is the world’s largest developer and distributor of Vehicle Camping Tents. Since 1990, Napier has been changing the way people view camping, by reshaping and merging the automotive and outdoor industries together. Napier was the first to revolutionize the camping industry with innovative and exciting Vehicle Tent concepts. 

Napier distributes Vehicle Camping Tents to automotive manufacturers and retailers across North America, Europe, and Australia. Napier Vehicle Tents are the number one selling Truck and SUV Tents in the World!