Experience An Alaskan Fly-In Adventure




Many visit Alaska to experience the pure beauty and wonder of The Last Frontier. Interior Alaska offers its own unique style of beauty that amazes me every time the airplane slips free of the lake. I came to Alaska in 1991. The first time I laid eyes on the interior and descended into Fairbanks I knew I had found the place I would call home. Since then I’ve been flying and fixing airplanes, coordinating remote logistics, guiding and transporting hunters and fisherman to remote spots in this incredible wilderness. The only thing that is better than being in the Alaska Wilderness is sharing the experience with others. Float Plane, Fly-in Fishing , Air Taxi

Bring a friend… and tread lightly…
This IS the LAST Frontier.

Dune Lake

Geskakmina Lake

Deadman Lake

Minto Flats

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Chena Marina Airport & Floatpond, 1255 Shypoke Drive, Fairbanks, Alaska 99709