Escape The Cold To … Barrrow?


I just returned from a Thanksgiving visit to the San Francisco Bay Area, where it was rather cold (at least for California). Surely the Golden State was where Alaskans wanted to be if they preferred some warm weather, right?

Maybe not, as the Los Angeles Times reported:

According to the National Weather Service, it was actually colder in Alturas, Calif., the seat of Modoc County in the far northeastern corner )of) California, than it was in Barrow, Alaska, which lies above the Arctic Circle and is the northernmost city in the United States. Alturas registered minus-3 degrees, while Barrow recorded 3 degrees above zero. It was even colder in Alturas on Saturday — minus-5, breaking a record set in 1931 — and that was warmer than one spot in California, in the Lassen National Forest east of Redding, which checked in at minus-11.


Weather can be crazy, huh?