Eagle River Hiker Killed By Brown Bear


The video above courtesy of KTUU has details about a horrifying brown bear attack that left a hiker dead near Eagle River. The same  bear reportedly also mauled  a member of the search party that was looking for 44-year-old Michael Soltis, whose body was found on Wednesday.

Here’s the Anchorage Daily News with more:

Michael Soltis’ body was found in the same area near the end of Hiland Road — a winding, 9-mile-long route into the South Fork Eagle River Valley — where a brown bear also attacked a man searching for the missing Eagle River civil engineer Wednesday morning.

“It appears the brown bear was protecting the body when it attacked a member of the search party,” APD said.

As of Wednesday evening, Fish and Game biologists were searching for the bear, said department spokesman Ken Marsh. If biologists are able to find the bear, they will kill it, he said. They were asking the public to avoid the area Wednesday evening.