Despite King Fishing Restrictions, Some Good Coho Fishing Opportunities In Anchorage Area

The following is courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

Anchorage Fishing Report

August 11, 2022

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Freshwater Fishing

Rainbow Trout/Dolly Varden/Arctic Char

Rainbow trout and Dolly Varden fishing is open on many parts of the Campbell Creek and Chester Creek drainages. Water levels have come up again with the recent rain, but small spinners can work well when clarity improves and also drifting nymphs or egg imitation fly patterns.


  • Ship Creek is open 24 hours a day to sport fishing but is closed to the retention of king salmon. Coho fishing has been good for many anglers, and more fish are being caught each tide even with the rain that has momentarily subsided. Slip bobber set ups with salmon roe are a good option for targeting coho salmon and many anglers have reported early success using pink or orange spinners in size #3 to #5.
  • Bird Creek opened on Thursday, July 14 to fishing, except for king salmon. Bird Creek is always closed to king salmon fishing. Fishing had improved but the rains have increased flows coming out of the creek making fishing a little more difficult. Both pinks and cohos have been reported getting caught in Bird Creek. Fishing around the incoming tide is a good option.
  • Portions of Campbell Creek are open to fishing for coho salmon until September 30. If you accidently catch another species of salmon be sure to keep it in the water and release it quickly. Water levels on Campbell Creek are back up with the recent rain, but quite a few more silvers moved in with the rainfall. Fishing salmon roe with a slip bobber is your best option with the higher flows, but don’t rule out casting spinners as water levels drop and clarity improves.

Local Lakes

  • Anchorage Bowl lakes are still fishing well and the fish are active!
  • Have a canoe, kayak, or small raft and looking to get just outside of Anchorage? Give Mirror or Beach lakes a try. Both lakes are stocked with rainbow trout and are fun options.
  • Campbell Point/Little Campbell Lake has been fishing great! Dry or streamer flies have been great options as well as small spinners. Using a raft or canoe in the lake is a good option, although you can walk all around this lake and access different fishing spots from shore.
  • Dry flies in the evening make for some fun fishing. Small spinners are a great option right now as well. These should work well at many of the stocked lakes.
  • Symphony Lake opened to fishing on July 1. This is a great hike in and fish location with lots of Arctic grayling fishing fun! Small spinners, dry flies, you name it, these fish will bite them all!
  • Looking for information on Anchorage stocked lakes? Check out this publication which contains info such as how to access locations and bathymetric maps.
  • Check out the stocking webpage to find out when your favorite lake was last stocked.
  • Fishing on base? Just a reminder, you need to register with iSportsman and check with base personnel prior to fishing on JBER.
  • Northern pike are not native to Anchorage area lakes, but there are some in Lower Fire Lake. If you catch a pike in any Anchorage area lake, please do not release it.

Emergency Orders

There are currently no emergency orders for the Anchorage management area.

Don’t forget to purchase your 2022 sport fishing license and king stamp! Purchase your 2022 sport fishing license and king stamp through the ADF&G online store and print it off from the comfort of your own home. Also, make sure to review emergency orders, advisory announcements, and the 2022 Southcentral Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations Summary booklet for the area you are fishing before you head out.