Defend Bristol Bay Talks Governor Dunleavy and pebble mine

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Governor Dunleavy keeps stepping up to Pebble’s aid time and time again. Last April, Dunleavy was caught using Pebble’s own language – almost verbatim – to oppose a longer comment period around the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. He also urged EPA to fully remove proposed protections from Bristol Bay.
Every chance he gets he keeps doing Pebble’s bidding. Most recently we learned that he directly lobbied the mining community to invest and partner in Pebble.  Brian Kraft, the operator of Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge in Igiugig, put it best in his recent opinion piece in the ADN.

“Unfortunately, our governor is listening to the Canadian-based Pebble developers instead of his own constituents. Despite widespread opposition to the mine by Alaskans; a mine plan full of holes, errors, and risks; and a fast-tracked permit review process, time and again our governor has chosen to side with Pebble instead of Alaskans.” Check out Brian’s full piece here. 

Take Action – Urge your congressional delegation to take action on Pebble and hold Dunleavy accountable!Now, by having the State of Alaska take Pebble’s side in the courts against the people of Bristol Bay, Dunleavy is silencing Alaskan voices.
“Instead of representing Alaskans who live and run our family businesses here, Gov. Dunleavy has intervened in this lawsuit against Alaskans. He has chosen to stand up for a foreign mining company whose plan will undermine prosperous industries, like fishing and tourism, in our state.” – Brian Kraft
We can’t allow this type of behavior from our elected officials. We need to make sure that Dunleavy knows that we are angry with his actions. Reach out to your congressional delegation and urge them to take action on Pebble Mine!
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