Defend Bristol Bay Hosting Virtual Townhall On Tuesday

During our previous Virtual Townhall, over 300 of you tuned in to get an update and learn how you can help. We had great questions and engagement. In response, we want to continue this series and give all of our supporters another chance to get engaged from the comfort and safety of your homes. Because of this, we will be hosting a Virtual Townhall tomorrow, Tuesday April 28th at 12pm Alaska Time In this upcoming Virtual Townhall, we’ll be covering Pebble 101. We want to give all of us a refresher on the history of Pebble, go over and into depth about what makes this mine so bad for Bristol Bay, and highlight how you can help out from home. This is a great chance to go over the basics of the Pebble Mine and to get a brief history of how we’ve been able to stop it thus far. Make sure to RSVP here. You can also find a Facebook event here and we encourage you to share this opportunity with your friends. We look forward to chatting with you all tomorrow! As always, stay safe and thank you for your continued support.Defend Bristol Bay  Donate Today!