Defend Bristol Bay Cites Flaws In Pebble EIS

The following is courtesy of Defend Bristol Bay:

Dear Supporter,

As you likely know, the Army Corps recently released the Preliminary Final Environmental Impact Statement (PFEIS) for the Pebble Mine. We knew it was inadequate at first glance, but now that we’ve had time to fully review it, inadequate doesn’t describe its flaws.

Among many issues, we wanted to highlight 4 major flaws in the PFEIS to give you a sense of just how poor of a job Army Corp and Pebble have done. To get the full story about the PFEIS, click here.

  1. The PFEIS does not legitimately analyze new changes to Pebble’s Mine plan.
  2. The PFEIS fails to answer key questions about pebble’s impacts to Bristol Bay.
  3. The PFEIS only discusses a short term mine plan that is not financially viable; the PFEIS ignores the impacts of a full, built-out mine.
  4. The PFEIS doesn’t assess catastrophic tailings dam failure.

With these blatant omissions, both Pebble and Army Corps are directly disrespecting the wishes of Senator Murkowski to ensure a truly science based review. Now, more than ever, is the time for our elected officials to stand up. Too much is at stake and the clock is ticking. Take action and help us Defend Bristol Bay!

Reach out to Senator Lisa Murkowski and tell her to Stop Pebble Mine!

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Defend Bristol Bay


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