Defend Bristol Bay Calls On Sen. Dan Sullivan To Take Action On Pebble

The following is courtesy of Defend Bristol Bay:

Goodness, we feel like a broken record. But where in the world is Senator Dan Sullivan?Since the Pebble Mine Final Environmental Impact Statement was released on July 24th, Pebble has been front and center in the news.

Let’s recap:July 24 – Pebble FEIS released and is roundly critiqued by experts, scientists, community members, and millions of AmericansJuly 31 – US House of Representatives passes a budget spending limitation that would limit spending for the US Army Corps of Engineers to finalize the Pebble permitAugust 4 – Defending Bristol Bay gained two powerful voices when Nick Ayers, former Chief of Staff to Vice President Mike Pence, and Donald Trump Jr. both tweeted their support for stopping the Pebble Mine.
August 5 – 7 –  A broad and diverse chorus of voices chimed in, demonstrating the clear social and political diversity behind defending Bristol Bay.
August 9 – Joe Biden chimed in, underscoring his support for stopping Pebble Mine.
August 10 – The Oversight Committee of the US House of Representatives  called for two inspector general offices to investigate the US Army Corps of Engineers review process of the controversial Pebble Mine project proposed for Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Yet, through this all, where is Dan Sullivan? We’ve emailed. We’ve called. He literally could not have any more cover to stand up for Bristol Bay than he does right now. Instead, aside from a minor statement about concern about the process, Senator Sullivan has fully avoided the issue.
Have you emailed Dan Sullivan? Can you call? Have you done both? Can you tell 5 friends to email or call? 
Tell Dan Sullivan to stand up for Alaskans!
Momentum is on our side and now is not the time to let up pressure. It’s time for Sen Sullivan to stand up to the EPA and protect one of the most economically valuable sockeye salmon fisheries on Earth.

Thank you,
Defend Bristol Bay