Defend Bristol Bay Asks Senator Murkowski To Speak Up On Pebble

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Dear Supporter,

Alaska’s Senator Lisa Murkowski is speaking out against President Trump who continues to create division and discord.  Last week, she wondered whether Senators had “the courage of our own convictions to speak up,” against him. Now, Alaskans need Lisa Murkowski to have the courage of her convictions and stop the Trump EPA from harming Bristol Bay.

Senator Murkowski needs to stand up for Alakans and defend Bristol Bay!
We anticipate the release of the Pebble Final Environmental Impact Statement in the coming weeks. This is the Administration’s proposed end to a sorry saga characterized by bad science, and even worse politics. This rushed and leaky analysis sets a new low and ignores every single standard Senator Murkowski outlined in a letter the ACOE in the late fall.  The question now is, will she stand up for what she told Alaskans that she believed in and would fight for?

Whose side is Senator Murkowski on, Alaskans or Trump and Pebble?Agencies at both the state and federal levels have questioned the scientific rigor of the Pebble permitting process, but from the beginning this analysis has been infected with politics. Pebble has spent millions on DC lobbyists and its CEO will receive  a $12 million bonus if the EIS is finished by fall 2020. The facts show Pebble poses a permanent threat to Bristol Bay’s word class sockeye salmon fishery.

Alaskans need leadership before it is too late! If Senator Murkowski is going to be the leader Alaska needs, she needs to also stand up against the Trump Administration and it’s clear support of the Pebble process. She has been clear about the standards Pebble must meet and the permitting process is failing those standards. Time is running out and we need her to take action before it’s too late. Tell her to have the courage to stand up against Trump and Pebble! 
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