Deadline For Board of Fisheries Proposal Deadline Is April 10

The following is courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Board of Fisheries:

Alaska Board of Fisheries 2024/2025 Call for Proposal Deadline Reminder

Call for Proposal deadline: April 10, 2024

The Alaska Board of Fisheries (board) issued its original 2024/2025 Call for Proposals on December 18, 2023, seeking proposals for changes in the subsistence, personal use, sport, guided sport, and commercial fishing regulations for Southeast and Yakutat finfish and shellfish, Prince William Sound finfish and shellfish, and all other shellfish statewide. The board may also accept subsistence related proposals from other regions if they meet criteria identified in 5 AAC 96.916(a).

The deadline for proposals is Wednesday, April 10, 2024.

Proposals may be submitted online or by mail or fax at:


Mail:                ADF&G, Boards Support Section

                       P.O. Box 115526

                       Juneau, AK 99811-5526

Fax:                 (907) 465-6094

Proposals must be received by Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at the Boards Support Section office in Juneau. A postmark is NOT sufficient for timely receipt.

The Board of Fisheries proposal form, including the online proposal form, is available at the Boards Support website at Proposal forms are also available at any Boards Support office. Proposals must be submitted on the current approved form. Any additional information provided with the form, such as tables, Internet web links, or charts, will not be included in the proposal book.

The completed proposal form must contain a contact name, telephone number and address. Email addresses are appreciated. Please legibly print or type the individual’s or organization’s name as appropriate.

Responsive proposals received by the proposal deadline will be considered by the Board of Fisheries during the October 2024 through March 2025 meeting schedule.