Copper River Basin Lakes Open, Ready For Stocking

The following is courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

Upper Copper/Upper Susitna Fishing Report

May 25, 2022

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Personal Use

The Chitina Subdistrict Personal Use Dip Net Salmon Fishery on the Copper River is tentatively set to open June 7th at noon (12:00 pm) but will be dependent on daily sonar counts at the Miles Lake sonar. Check out the Chitina preseason dipnetting schedule for more information about dip net openings.

Informational Hotlines for Chitina Personal Use Fishery

  • Anchorage: 907-267-2511
  • Fairbanks: 907-459-7382
  • Glennallen: 907-822-5224

Sport Fishing

Freshwater Fishing

The recent warming trend has accelerated breakup in the Copper River Basin. Most lakes are now open, and stocking will begin next week. You can find up-to-date stocking information on the ADF&G Alaska Lake Database or on the ADF&G Hatcheries and Stocking page.

Due to the increased snow levels in the northern areas, the Gulkana, Gakona, and Copper Rivers are running higher than normal. If you are looking for more information on new spots to fish, check out Sport fishing Alaska rivers and lakes in the Upper Copper/Upper Susitna River Basin. This guide lists all the fisheries, species available, and mile markers along all the major highways crossing the Upper Copper and Upper Susitna Management Area.

Ice is thinning and moving away from shore on Lake Louise. Once the Lake Louise Road is repaired, head out and target those open water leads along the shore for lake trout and burbot.

As stream flows decrease this next week, look for Arctic grayling moving upstream to spawning locations. These migrations peak at water temperatures above 41 degrees.


According to recent reports from commercial harvest and the sonar passage, the salmon are running about one week late. This may be attributed to increased water flows and lower water temperatures. The 2022 Copper River forecast is 1.43 million wild and hatchery sockeye salmon combined and 40,000 king salmon.

Emergency Orders

Please review the Emergency Orders and Advisory Announcements listed at the top of this report in their entirety before heading out on your next fishing trip:

Don’t forget to bring your 2022 sport fishing license. Help maximize social distancing by purchasing your sport fishing license at the ADF&G Online Store. You can print your license from the comfort of your home. Also, be sure to review Emergency Orders and the 2022 Northern Sport Fishing Regulations Summary Booklet for the area you are fishing in before you head out.

For more information

Call the Glennallen office at (907) 822-3309 with any questions.