Confusion about winners? It happened in Alaska’s Hunting Draw As Well




By now, you know the story: movie wins Oscar for Best Picture, movie loses Oscar for Best Picture, all hell breaks loose. But not knowing if you’ve won or not also affected the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Tier 2 subsistence hunt draw., which unlike the Oscars’ seemingly impossible blunder in mixing up the envelopes for a Best Picture award that went to Moonlight,¬†only after La La Land was announced as the winner, suffered through a glitch in tabulating the results.

Here’s the ADFG press release:

Permit results announced last week for Tier II subsistence hunts have been nullified due to a data processing error. The error has subsequently been corrected and all Tier II applications properly scored. The valid, updated Tier II hunt results are now available on the Department of Fish and Game webpage at .

The error, which compromised scoring for Tier II hunt applications only, was discovered after the announcement of last week’s draw, Tier I/II and community subsistence harvest permit results. Only Tier II hunt applications were affected; draw, Tier I, and community subsistence harvest results were not impacted.

The department regrets any confusion or inconvenience this error has caused Tier II hunt applicants and is taking action to ensure similar issues do not occur in the administration of future hunts. In addition to the updated results now available on the department permit results webpage, all Tier II applicants will receive an email notification of their permit status.