Combining Alaska’s Outdoors With Expert Wellness Medicine



All Alaska Outdoors Lodge was established in 1996 and has been providing the most versatile array of outdoor excursions available on the Kenai Peninsula. Our lodge is based on Longmere Lake, a road accessible float plane lake 6 miles from the town of Soldotna. We offer local river fishing on the Upper and Lower Kenai River targeting King, Sockeye and Silver Salmon and Rainbow trout and Dolly Varden. We also guide fly anglers on the Russian River for trout and salmon. Target Halibut, Seabass, Ling cod and Kings and Silvers on our Saltwater fishing out of Homer and Seward. Our available array of fly out fishing trips is more comprehensive than any other road based Lodge. Our Ultimate Expedition is the premier Alaska Outdoor Experience. This fully guided all day fly in fishing trip is conducted in our own private Beaver. The trip departs from the lodge Dock. This nine- to 10- hour excursion will take you over hundreds of miles of Alaska wilderness, stopping in multiple places to fish for a variety of freshwater fish, in remote areas, most of which receive little or no other fishing pressure. The only way to begin to grasp the enormous value of this trip is to take a peak at our YouTube channel and sit back and watch in amazement (Search YouTube for All Alaska Outdoors Lodge). In the fall we also offer expertly guided waterfowl hunts and upland bird hunts for grouse and ptarmigan. Our 4 acre complex has full suite accommodations complete with satellite TV and high-speed wireless Internet. All fish processing is included when you stay with All Alaska Outdoors Lodge.

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All Alaska Outdoors Lodge was conceived by Dr. Bob Ledda, an Emergency Physician in Soldotna serving the Kenai Peninsula’s medical needs since 1993. In 2013 Dr. Ledda became certified in Age Management Medicine. After 20 years of practicing the disease model of medicine he concluded that there had to be a better approach. Beginning in 2016 Dr. Ledda is offering the unique opportunity to combine a week long Alaskan Outdoor Vacation with a week of intensive wellness training and a comprehensive medical evaluation. He has built a State of the Art Medical Center, on the Lodge property with sophisticated equipment designed to thoroughly evaluate your personal health and wellness.



A Special Wellness Week will include the thorough health assessment that we provide including our comprehensive laboratory workup, full history and physical annual examination, fitness testing, body composition analysis by DEXA Scanning, carotid doppler vascular evaluation and cognitive testing on one day while the guest is at the lodge.  At the end of this evaluation Dr. Ledda will have special insight into your unique disease risks and predispositions and can help you to design a lifestyle personalized for your preventive care.

All six  evenings paleo meals will be provided during a Power Point Lecture.  The topics will be:

Day One:  Chronic Disease
Day Two: Nutrition for Health
Day Three:  Exercise science and program design
Day Four:  Hormone Optimization
Day Five: Supplements, Vitamins and Homeopathy
Day Six:  Tying it All Together

Emphasis will be creating conviction that your behavior has a profound effect on your health and well being, and exposing you to the science that supports all of the current expert recommendations.

If you would like to see how Dr. Ledda transformed his own well-being applying the science of age management medicine to his life, go to the website, and here’s  the link to his Age Management Medicine site. You can read all about everything that All Alaska Outdoors offers their guests.

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