Choking Moose? Anchorage Man Comes To The Rescue

Facebook image from James West

An only-in-Alaska moment in Anchorage, where a Good Samaritan came to the rescue of a moose that was choking on a plastic bag near a dumpster. Here’s more from Alaska’s News Source:

On Thursday, March 23, James West was driving past a pair of dumpsters when he noticed something odd. According to a Facebook post by West, he described seeing a moose chewing on what appeared to be a trash bag.

According to West’s post, the moose was stumbling, chewing profusely, and foaming at the mouth. West noted in his post that he did consider contacting animal control, but thought “time was of the essence.” West wrote that by the time he began removing the plastic bag, it was already all the way down the moose’s throat.

West shared he was able to remove the plastic bag, without causing harm to the moose or himself.

Here’s the full text of West’s Facebook post:

So I was driving past some dumpsters today and noticed something odd. I seen a moose chewing on a what appeared to be a trash bag? . He was stumbling , chewing profusely, and foaming at the mouth. As I got closer I noticed he was choking on the trash bag . I thought about calling animal control but I kind of felt time was of the essence too, so I slowly made my way closer and closer to see if I could just get a hold of it, as I grab the trash bag and started pulling I started to get worried because I knew at that point it was all the way down his throat??. I was able to remove it without hurting him or myself. I then noticed a pumpkin, and gave it to him to eat and boy was he happy after that , I hung out with him for a little over an hour, watching him play with his pumpkin and eating it?