Chefs Teaming Up To Protect Wild Salmon



From our friend Mark Titus, director of The Breach film that we featured last year in ASJ.


A Tale of Two Toms

Two of America’s most vibrant and dynamic chefs are stepping up to help save Bristol Bay’s storied wild salmon runs.

Tom Douglas – (aka Tom D – or West Coast Tom if you prefer) has been an active supporter of The Breach from the very beginning.  Tom D appears in the film, is a co-producer on it and has supported us time and again as we’ve moved the movie and our message out into the world:  #EatWildSaveWild.  As a high profile restaurateur, Tom has long been an enthusiastic booster of regional food sources, such as local organic farms, Washington wines, and Pacific Northwest fish and seafood. The company’s goal of “deliciousness served with graciousness” includes a commitment to the future of wild salmon. Wild salmon is a treasured, sustainable resource that this company considers to be economically, ecologically, and culturally essential to the Pacific Northwest region.  Tom D is partnering with The Breach yet again to help save the legendary sustainable wild salmon runs of Bristol Bay.  25% of each rental or sale of the film goes directly to Save Bristol Bay.  You can join Tom in his efforts by clicking right HERE.  (You’ll also get a super easy + delicious how-to video we shot on the fly to make a delicious wild salmon dish with wild Bristol Bay salmon from a CAN!)

Tom Collichio – (Tom C to keep things straight, representing the East Coast) was awarded his first three stars from The New York Times as executive chef of Mondrian. Since 2006, Tom C has been applying his experience and expertise to cable television as the head judge on Bravo’s hit reality cooking series “Top Chef.”  Tom appears in and served as executive producer on the 2012 documentary, A Place at the Table which has become the starting point for a national movement centered on ending hunger in the United States. Tom co-founded Food Policy Action in 2012 in collaboration with national food policy leaders, in order to hold legislators accountable on votes that have an effect on food and farming. He has been an outspoken voice on issues like GMO labeling and the use of antibiotics in food sources, and he continues to lobby for better anti-hunger policies in America.  I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Tom C and his team in their headquarters in New York last year, discussing the vital importance of saving Bristol Bay’s wild salmon runs and supporting them by eating them!  Last night, Tom tweeted out his support for Bristol Bay’s wild salmon by renting or buying the Breach.  Same deal as Tom D.  25% of each transaction will go to Save Bristol Bay.    Here’s Tom’s Tweet right HERE.


Tom Douglas – “West Coast Tom”
Tom Collichio – “East Coast Tom”
Upcoming 2016 theatrical screenings for The Breach can be found by clicking right HERE.

TONIGHT, the film will screen at the legendary Bijou Art Cinemas in Eugene Oregon as part of the inaugural PIELC film festival.  This is a thrill, as I used to go to many-a-movie at the Bijou when I was a student at the U of O in the early 90’s.  Click for details right HERE.

Of particular excitement for me is a trip back to Eugene next week to participate in the 2016 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC). I’ve been asked to deliver a Keynote Address on Saturday March 6th.  We’ll screen the film later that day.   You can find all the details about that by clicking rightHERE.

Thank you for your continued support and passion for wild salmon.  We hope to  have one last round of fireworks with The Breach in 2016.  Stay tuned for details and remember to #EatWildSaveWild….