Board Of Game Approves Anchorage Park Moose Hunt For Disabled, Limited Mobility Hunters

The Alaska Board of Game approved a unique moose hunt in Anchorage’s Kincaid Park. Still in need of an approval by the city, the Board’s accepting of the proposed hunt would allow only hunters suffering from disabilities or limited mobility. Here’s more on the hunt from the Anchorage Daily News:

The hunt was proposed by Ira Edwards, a scientist and ski coach who lives in Palmer and uses a wheelchair.

Edwards says the logistics of staging a hunt in a heavily used park still need to be worked out, but the idea is this: Hunters who are physically disabled with mobility limitations would receive permission to use archery, a crossbow or shotgun to hunt antlerless moose within Kincaid during a roughly two-week period in October. Only four tags would be available. Part of the park would be closed to the public during the weekday, daylight hours while the hunt was happening. The entire moose carcass would need to be removed from the kill site, a task the hunter could have a helper assist with. …

Edwards contends that people with physical disabilities have few opportunities to hunt in Alaska, and the park is the ideal place because of its extensive trail system and abundant moose population.

As with many issues these days, the proposed hunt got both support and pushback on social media.