Bird Flu Detected In Bear Cub In Southeast Alaska

Here’s more from Alaska’s News Source:

The bear was noticed in October when a biologist and others observed three bear cubs with a sow who was having difficulty walking. One of the cubs was later abandoned by the sow and had to be euthanized by the Department of Fish and Game after having multiple seizures. A necropsy revealed no signs of trauma, so additional tests were required to rule out canine distemper or rabies.

“The virus that causes HPAI was detected on both nasal and rectal swabs and in brain tissue screening at Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory and Cornell University Animal Health Diagnostic Center, respectively,” ADF&G said in an email. “Detection and identification of the virus as H5N1 was confirmed by the National Veterinary Services Laboratory this week.”

According to the Division of Wildlife, the cub likely developed HPAI after exposure to a dead bird.