Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher Children and the Alaskan Anklebiters

Fans of Alaska The Last Frontier keep asking if Atz Lee and Jane have kids. Yep! They do! So why aren’t they on the show?

Well it could have something to do with Internet trolls criticizing their family and being generally rude, as trolls often do.

While Jane thinks the camera crews are wonderful, the kids’ privacy is important to them. Considering the ten months of camera crews following them around for one season of episodes, we can hardly blame them.

In this age of the Internet, we should be surprised if any kid gets to thirteen without some kind of Internet presence. Kids in this day and age not only have embarrassing baby pictures, but they have them published on Facebook for the world to see, and people critiquing photoshopping kids into amusing scenarios for the best ones.

If you can’t tell yet, suffice to say there are plenty of good reasons for the family to keep their kids’ lives private. What facebook grumblings the adults can take could be a big problem for young kids growing up. At the end of the day, it’s their choice to make, and personally, this writer thinks they made the write choice.

The kids do enjoy watching the feedback of the show, however, and laughing about how viewers seem to think their mild-mannered dad could ever be a ‘drama king’. Just remember, the camera only shows what television thinks will be the interesting part.

I’m sure as they get older we’ll probably see a little more from the Atz Lee and Jane cubs.

by Sam Morstan

Sources: Facebook, Georgia Makitalo