Anchorage Find, Kill ‘Extremely Agitated’ Black Bear That Was On The Prowl

From Alaska’s News Source, sometimes an angry black bear roaming neighborhoods requires drastic action:

Anchorage police killed a black bear that was charging people in neighborhoods near Northern Lights Boulevard and Baxter Road on Sunday night, police wrote in an updated Facebook post.

Here’s the full Anchorage PD Facebook post:

Update on 7/31/23:
The bear was dispatched last night as it was charging people and causing a public safety risk. Thank you for your cooperation while we were working the call.

Original on 7/30/23:
Good evening, everyone! We are having Alaska problems. It’s a quarter to 10PM on this finally sunny Sunday evening (7/30/23) and we are currently occupied with an extremely agitated black bear in the neighborhoods near Baxter and Northern Lights. You will see police in the area. Please use extreme caution if you are going to be outside. It would be a great idea to not leave garage doors and people doors to your home propped open right now.

If you see said grumpy bear, please give Dispatch a call at 3-1-1 (option #1) or 907-786-8900 (press “0”).