Alleged Bear Kill Is A Thing In Alaska Important Senate Race

In such a weird, tragic year with an expected even weirder, contentious and sure-to-be controversial Nov. 3 Election Day approaching fast, the divisive nature of politics these days has spilled into an upcoming Alaskan senate race. Namely, Republicans want to know about an opponent’s alleged incident with a grizzly bear. See a photo of Dr. Gross, with, confirmed, a bear, in the tweet below.

Gross’s camp doesn’t seem too concerned about the story, considering it’s linked on their home page. Here’s more of the craziness from Newsweek:

America Rising’s request, which was made by Senior Vice President Allan Blutstein on September 16, sought to obtain any animal kill reports—whether for self-defense or sport—filed by Dr. Gross since 1976, when he would have been 14 years old.

Dr. Gross, who is also a former orthopedic surgeon, did indeed once shoot and kill a grizzly in self-defense, documents show.

A copy of the decades-old incident report from the Alaska Department of Public Safety shows that Dr. Gross reported the incident to state authorities on October 21, 1995, two days after the encounter took place. The incident status shows it was “closed by investigation.”

OK, so that’s that, right? We’ll see. But as the Republicans hope Sullivan is among those senators whose seats will be held rather than losing the majority to Democrats, which would get a boost from a Gross win over the GOP incumbent, social media users seem to be amused by the proceedings.