Alaska’s 2022 Commercial Salmon Haul Worth $720 Million

Despite a tough season for king salmon runs throughout Alaska, the state’s overall haul of commercial salmon harvests reached well over $700 million. Here’s CoastAlaska via KTOO:

The harvests for all five salmon species in all fisheries equaled $720.4 million. That’s $76.5 million more than last year and $425.2 million more than two years ago.

In 2020, the harvest total was a low of $295.2 million — one of the worst on record.

Sockeye salmon made up approximately 66% of the state’s total value this year. Most of that is due to the record-breaking Bristol Bay fishery at nearly 69.7 million fish.

Chum and pink salmon were worth nearly the same. They contributed 15 and 14 percent of the state’s total value respectively.

The report says kings represented just 3 percent of the total value. The complete Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife is posted here, with Bristol Bay’s harvest totals as follows:

Average Weight Area Species (in pounds)



COHO 5.8

PINK 3.3

CHUM 5.5

Average Price per Pound

Chinook $0.74

Sockeye $1.15

Coho $0.73

Pink $0.14

Chum $0.32

Estimated Number of Fish

Chinook 8,374

Sockeye 60,091,098

Coho 9,040

Pink 95,724

Chum 301,816