Alaska Wildlife Troopers Rename Patrol Vessel For Officer Who Died In 2023 While Hunting

Heartwarming news out of Cordova, where an Alaska Wildlife Troopers patrol boat has been named in honor of a wildlife trooper who tragically passed away last year. Here are some details from KUCB News via the Anchorage Daily News, with a quote from the man’s widow:

It was wet and windy in Cordova on Saturday. Still though, around 50 people showed up at the dock for the dedication of the Alaska Wildlife Troopers’ newest boat, the P/V Arduser, named after retired Trooper Alex Arduser, who died a year ago while on a hunting trip in Prince William Sound. …

Arduser was found drowned in a pond near his campsite. An autopsy showed that Alex had an enlarged heart, but his wife Kate said they will likely never know the details surrounding Alex’s death.

“Basically, he went duck hunting. I said goodbye to him that morning. The kids went to school, said goodbye. He was really excited about his trip. He had been there before we moved to Dutch. But yeah, there’s never going to be more to know about that,” Kate said. “As my brother says, ‘He died too young.’ It’s pretty succinct.”