Alaska: The Last Frontier To Go Live

Discovery Channel
Leif Johnson/Discovery Channel

The following press release is courtesy of the Discovery Channel:

In a Discovery Channel first, Alaska: The Last Frontier will go LIVE each week, giving fans direct live access to their favorite members of the Kilcher family and the opportunity to ask them anything. For six seasons, viewers have invited the Kilchers into their living rooms. Now, fans can talk directly to the Kilchers in the new season of Alaska: The Last Frontier premiering Sunday, October 1 at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery.

As viewers watch each episode, they’ll clue into when the Kilchers will go live. Then, anything goes in a fast-paced, off-the-cuff, completely unscripted, question and answer session. Fans ask their questions on anything and everything about the Kilchers’ off-the-grid homestead lifestyle — the stories they’re watching in the episode, their daily lives, hobbies, relationships, favorite things. No subject is off limits.


There will be plenty to talk about this season as the Kilchers embark on their greatest challenge yet: a complete homestead overhaul. The Kilchers will need to make improvements to the family’s water system, construct new buildings and protect wildlife to guarantee a successful overhaul. They’ll face life-changing challenges that could shape the future of the homestead forever – and the audience will be right there to experience it with them.

ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER is produced for Discovery Channel by Discovery Studios. For Discovery Studios, Daniel Soiseth and Vincent Ueber are executive producers and Dustin Rubin is co-executive producer. For Discovery Channel, Matt Vafiadis is executive producer and Maryna Harrison is Coordinating Producer.