Alaska Duck Hunters Find Woolly Mammoth Tusk

You never know what you might find while on a hunt. Case in point: The duck hunters who found a giant woolly mammoth tusk. The Anchorage Daily News has some details:

Justin Schultze and a cousin were duck hunting near the Northwest Alaska village of Shishmaref when a log sticking from a cliff caught his eye.

Except it wasn’t a log.

“It was shiny,” he said.

So he and a friend started digging through the clay-like soil with their hands, and kept digging, for half an hour until they could yank it from the earth.

They’d discovered a full woolly mammoth tusk, as big as a tree branch, arcing gracefully like a giant letter C. They later weighed it on a meat scale, at 177 pounds, it’s length measuring 12 feet.

That’s quite the discovery, guys!