Alaska Board Of Game Approves Multiple 2021-22 Hunting Proposals

The following is courtesy of the Alaska Board of Game:

The Alaska Board of Game (board) held a regulatory meeting on Thursday, March 18, 2021, via web-conference and took the following regulatory actions:

  • Reauthorized all proposed antlerless moose hunts except for those in Units 1C, 5A, and 6C;
  • Reauthorized all proposed brown bear tag fee exemptions;
  • Established 7-day reporting and 15-day sealing requirements for wolves taken in Unit 2 (amended Proposal 194); and
  • Aligned seasons and bag limits for moose in Unit 15B on the Kenai Peninsula (Proposal 195)

In addition to the regulatory action, the board agreed to re-open the Call for Proposals for the Central/Southwest Region scheduled for January 2022, and the Statewide Regulations meeting scheduled for March 2022, with a proposal deadline of  Friday, May 28, 2021.  Proposals previously published for these meetings, and those approved as agenda change requests, will be retained and scheduled for board action at the 2022 meetings. Submitters of previously published proposals may modify and update their proposals by submitting new proposals and providing a written explanation in the justification statement. 

Other miscellaneous action taken by the board included written support to the legislature for Senate Bill 22 which repeals the termination date for the intensive management hunting license surcharge; and the assignment of a subcommittee to develop a plan for holding regulatory meetings via web-conference if the COVID pandemic continues to impact the board’s ability to meet in person.

For more information about the March 18, 2021 board meeting including the proposals, public and advisory committee comments, actions taken, and the audio recording, please visit the meeting website at, or contact Kristy Tibbles at 465-6098, or via email at