ADFG Closing GMU 22B Resident Moose Hunt Near Darby Mountains

The following is courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

State Closes Winter Moose Hunt RM843

(Nome) – The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announces an emergency order to close the State resident moose season in Unit 22(B), that portion west of the Darby Mountains, by registration permit hunt RM843 (Note: this area is identified as the Remainder of Unit 22(B) in the hunting regulations booklet) at 11:59pm on January 5, 2024.

The moose population in the combined Unit 22(C) and Unit 22(B) survey area increased at a rate of 5% annually between 2016 and 2022. The department set an annual harvest quota of 40 bulls for regulatory year 2023-2024 based on the results of the 2022 spring abundance survey. The Alaska Board of Game established a moose registration permit hunt in Unit 22(B) West which is administered with a quota to prevent overharvest. The fall season closed Sept. 9, 2023 with a reported harvest of 28 bull moose. The winter season, RM843, opened January 1, 2024 with a harvest quota of 12 antlered bulls. The current reported harvest is 10 bulls. Harvest is expected to be met by the closing date announced in this emergency order and no further harvest is warranted.

All other moose hunting regulations in Unit 22 remain unchanged by this emergency order.