A Lower 48er Finds New Purpose In Alaska

Great story from North Dakota’s Grand Forks Herald about a North Dakotan whose move to Alaska has changed his life. Here’s a little bit about J.R. Pederson, who fell in love with the Last Frontier’s allure:

With some 900 photos in his collection and 30 years of experience in the Alaskan wilderness as a trapper, hunting guide and fisherman, Pederson could probably tell stories until last call and beyond.

Alaska, he says, is about as “close to heaven as you can get.”

“For an outdoorsman, I just don’t think there’s any place better,” Pederson said in a recent phone interview from his home in Fairbanks. “It’s expensive to live here. People say how hard it is to get a job, (but) I think anywhere in the world you go, if you want to work, you can find work.”