27-Plus-Pound Fish Takes Homer Winter King Salmon Tournament Title

The Marley family has taken the Homer Winter King Salmon Tournament by storm! Last year, Andrew Marley’s 25.62-pound Chinook took first place and a check for $44,517 at the event that is now settled in for an April start (this year’s tournament was pushed back a day to yesterday due to weather concerns). And in 2022, it was Andrew’s brother Weston who won the big prize with a 27.38-pound salmon.

Here are the Top 20 finishers and prize money for this year, and check out the official website for more awards and side pot winners.

1Weston Marley27.38Fly Dough$44,517
2Joseph Inglis20.44Gondola$23,430
3David Heafer20.04Little Giant$18,744
4Don Myers18.32Redeemer$16,401
5Matthew Denn18.26Resolute$14,058
6Russell Geagel18.06Miss Brookie$11,715
7Molly Wilmer17.90Current Lady$9,372
8Kevin Pennison17.74Stranglehold$7,029
9Daniel Blackwood17.40Tink$4,686
10Garrett Lambert16.42Sweet T$2,343
11Nicole Reynolds16.30Miss NvPrize Package
12Morgan Hartley16.14Storm PetrelPrize Package
13James Rasi16.10Lifes’ PorpoisePrize Package
14Summer Slack16.04Shooter AgainPrize Package
15Tanner Stengel15.72KinakPrize Package
16Nathan Bras15.32BallsdeepPrize Package
17Lonnie Breuer14.54DonlarayPrize Package
18Jason Baxley14.50DaydreamerPrize Package
19David Hillstrand14.46Holo Holo BluePrize Package
20Andrew White14.32Early RiserPrize Package